International Mesotherapy Lipotherapy (Meso-Lipotherapy) Society

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 About the IMLS:


The International Meso-Lipotherapy Society was formed to provide scientific and educational assistance for physicians trained in Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy (spot-fat-reduction techniques).   


IMLS Membership includes:
Access to the "Forum" where questions may be posted to the pioneers, faculty and scientific community about Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy (spot-fat-reduction techniques).  In addition to being able to post questions to the pioneers and faculty, there are many discussion boards available through the forum to post messages with other entities such as compounding pharmacies, etc. This "high-tech" site has many features such as "buddy lists," private email, personal and other pictures, search capability and other features that are available exclusively to members of IMLS.

Updates of protocols, syllabus and forms, new scientific publications and studies are available on the forum or, if requested, through fax or email.

Seminar discount rates available to returning IMLS members: IMLS members often save up to $1000 when they attend one of the training seminars featuring Dr.'s Le COZ, Rittes and Chubaty. ACCME, class1 credits are an inexpensive way to visit old friends, get a refresher with Dr.s' Le COZ, Rittes and Chubaty and get some CME credits.

Information will be provided to the media and medical community in order to provide accurate information about Mesotherapy, Lipotherapy and other related procedures and to dispel inaccurate information in the press.

Concern with patient well-being by promoting a Standard of Care through protocols born of anecdotal and clinical studies will remain a priority of IMLS.  As there is funding available from dues collected, studies of various procedures will be considered.

Membership Information

Membership Dues: Membership dues are billed monthly at the rate of $17 dollars a month.  A non-refundable one-time enrollment fee of twenty-five dollars to handle processing costs is billed along with the first month's membership dues.

Membership Eligibility: In order to be a member, you must have been trained in an approved International Meso-Lipotherapy Society (IMLS) course. To remain a member of the IMLS you must submit a signed enrollment form to the accounting department of the IMLS. Membership begins immediately after your registration is processed, usually within 10 business days of submitting the registration form. You will receive an e-mail with a user name consisting of your first initial and your last name. A generic password will be assigned, which can be changed upon your first log-in. The date the e-mail is sent is your billing date. Membership dues for your first month will be billed during processing, and will occur on the same day each of the following months.

Membership Terms: IMLS memberships are month to month and membership may be terminated by the International Meso-Lipotherapy Society or by the member by providing written notice to either party. Cancellations may be done via email to , or facsimile to (602) 485-3621. Cancellation of a membership by IMLS will be sent to the last known email or fax number of the member. Cancellation by the member requires a notice of 30 days from your billing date. A notice of less than 30 days will result in dues being charged for the following month. Failure to provide a billable credit card will be cause for immediate cancellation of membership without notice. IMLS will contact you if a credit card expires or is declined, and 2 consecutive months of non-payment without contact will be considered a voluntary cancellation by the IMLS member.

Membership Conditions: Membership may be cancelled or refused at the discretion of IMLS. IMLS retains the right to implement, modify or change and membership regulations or rules without prior written notice.